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About SJMC

Hi, I'm Scott.

As a young environmental activist, a teacher once told me "instead of pointing your finger, go get it dirty!". Since then I've dedicated my studies, career, and lifestyle to being part of the solution.

After studying sustainable agriculture in Australia, New Zealand, and Hawaii, at the age of 23, I started a company called Out on a Limb where I worked primarily with golf courses, municipal parks and conservation authorities to identify opportunities for resource efficiency and mitigate environmental risks.

After 13 years I decided to apply my sustainability reporting and consulting experience to other business sectors. I developed a deconstruction dashboard for construction and renovation project managers (Purchased by IEGCA). I helped with the launch of Zero Waste Canada and became their first Executive Director. I was a Board and Certification Committee member of the Zero Waste International Alliance. I developed a process for recycling baby car seats and PLA beverage cups into 3d printing filament. I've assisted companies in achieving B Corp, TRUE and GEO Certifications and fulfilling reporting requirements of ISO programs. I became very interested in being part of the Zero Waste revolution.

I've taken this knowledge and interest of ultimate resource efficiency and have developed a service portfolio for companies interested in cutting costs, exploring new sources of revenue and embedding action into their brand of purpose.

I was one of the first ZWBA, and have now achieved TRUE Advisor accreditation too. I'm excited to apply my knowledge of Zero Waste principles with clients who want to reap the benefits of efficiency and stewardship.

Thank you for visiting SJMConsults, hope to meet with you soon!

Scott J Morrison

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