Waste is not a liability, it's an asset.

Hi! I'm Scott. I'm not a big fan of garbage, in fact, I'm learning all kinds of cool ways to eliminate it.

For businesses that want to eliminate operational wastes, the TRUE Zero Waste Certification program is the best option on the market. I work with companies who want to achieve this comprehensive standard through an Excel Based Workbook I created to help track their progress. The TRUE TRKR guides users to track ALL ELEMENTS of certification and predicts your score based on inputs. These inputs are organized in a manner that is intuitive and allows for facility-wide participation. Each page has a different focus, such as:
  • The Dash summarizes all major performance metrics in charts, graphs, and numeric displays to make performance assessments and sharing easy.
  • The TRKR page lists where inputs can be found and provide a space for users to post links and craft a narrative to explain your company's efforts. Auditors can review this central page to determine if users are meeting the certification criteria.
  • Generation Point pages (Warehouse, Offices, Offices, Food Services, Grounds, Construction, Manufacturing, Vehicles, Retail, Hospitality) provides users with the ability to record purchases and their attributes that contribute to 15 possible credits!
  • The Training work page guides users to construct, conduct and record trainings in a manner that helps them to achieve 22 credits!
  • The Bin Calibration page helps users "Right-Size" their bin sizes and pick-up frequencies by evaluating current performance, calculates an Optimized scenario and enables an Override option for further efficiency gains.
  • Audit Forms help users record audits of all streams (not just "waste" or Recycling) and understand their diversion performance at the deepest level.
  • The Vendor and Hauler Forms assist users in recording 11 Credits and provide a clear picture of your communication efforts with upstream and downstream partners.
The TRUE TRKR workbook and 2 hours of set-up assistance for $750 USD. After the 2 hour meeting, all you have to do is fill in the blanks and start earning credits!!

Contact me here to learn if this package is right for you - letsdothis@sjmconsults.com



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