Operational Review: The pulse of your firm's sustainability

SJMC's Operational Review service evaluates a firm's operating procedures, code of conduct, and other factors, and then compares it to 3rd party performance standards, regulatory requirements and best management practices applicable to their industry. From this analysis, clients learn what path best serves their needs.

By layering relevant sustainability frameworks against your firm's performance you can begin to understand how you measure up.

Clients typically want an Operational Review to get insight on:
- "What performance aspects can we measure, that we can use to guide our decisions?"
- "We want to narrow the gaps between what we say we are doing and what we are doing"
- "Where are our blind spots?"
- "What can we do to improve?"
- "How do we compare to industry standards or competitors?"

By identifying your firm's strengths, weakness, and risks, firms can act with the assurance that they meet the most proficient standards in their industry - their own!

Curious about the SJMC process?
Each project will require certain considerations, but the simple process begins with defining the scope of the Operational Review, then Assemble all required information, and then Refine it down to extract the facts and insights gathered.

It is at this point that a firm can make an informed and educated decision on the next steps.

If your firm wants to understand how it measures up contact SJMC to start the conversation - letsdothis@sjmconsults.com

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