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Become a B Corp

B Corp Impact Assessments review the full scope of business activies under the high B Corp certification standards. The thorough review of the Environmental, Workers, Customers and Corporate Governance standards against your operations must be completed in an accurate and knowledgeable manner prior to applying for the Assesment Review.

Many companies lack the time, capacity and cross-category knowledge base necessary for completing the Impact Assessment.

SJMC understands this process is difficult and has prepared two plans to help you get on your way to achieving the B Corp standard.


SJMC understands that some of the most common and difficult hurdles to overcome lay within the collection of baseline performance numbers related to the financial, environmental and social performance of your company. The B Corp Baseline is a short-term service package that reviews company records, collects data as it pertains to B Corp standards, organizes a metric monitoring program that can be managed internally. This enables companies to benchmark performance, set goals and earn a large portion of the required B Corp certification points.


Within a program like B Corp, it can be daunting for staff to take on a set of technical criteria with over 200 points that must be proven with various degrees of documentation and policy references. SJMC has developed a Project Management service that spearheads the data collection, generation, and documentation phases to produce a guaranteed level of performance. This service is a retainer fee-based agreement that sees an SJMC Project Manager and resources assigned to the project.

The first step to completing this process is to discuss with us what your needs are.



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As the closest of the BCorp breweries to my house (a swift 6 hrs), I was excited to speak with the "Not-so-Corporate Communications & Media Relations" coordinator Jen Beauchesne about Beau's efforts and dive into what has gained the reputation as a progressive environmental and social leader in the industry.

I’m a customer that just came in for a tour, “What is B Corp?” and “Why did you choose to become involved?”
A B-Corp is a Benefit Corporation, meaning a business that chooses to act as a force for good in the world. As a Certified B-Corporation, Beau’s meets higher standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. We chose to become a B Corp for a number of reasons – to set an achievable example for other businesses, to give our customers the assurance of a third-party endorsement of our commitment to social good and the environment, and to help us build a roadmap for sustainable growth as a brewery.

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