Become a B Corp

Sometimes even impact-driven companies need guidance in achieving their goals.

To pass the B Corp Certification audit phase, companies must exhibit policies and procedures that support their Impact Assessment claims.

This is accomplished by understanding how to measure their performance and by having the systems set up to make business decisions based on performance findings. This is the secret sauce to become B Corp Certified - proving that the right system is in the right place, allowing staff to do the right thing.

SJMC builds these systems.

I have two service packages to support companies in embedding these systems.

The BIG B and little b programs are customizable to reflect a number of important factors: number of employees, budget, capacity, and timelines.

The BIG B program is a "Done With You" service package where SJMC essentially becomes one of your team. This program takes your companies values and embeds them in internal systems that maintain them through your business processes.

The BIG B program allows for:
  • A fair evaluation of how the company scores in the Impact Assessment,
  • The appropriate training to be developed and implemented to support new policies and procedures,
  • Collaborations with other organizations to meet requirements where necessary,
  • Performance reviews assure that the efforts become embedded in the employee culture and remain beyond the first certification round.
BIG B allows for the management and creation of key supportive documents, such as:
  • Materiality Survey for major stakeholder groups,
  • "Operations Manual" that houses the majority of your policies and procedures, including measuring protocols of all major KPI's,
  • "Supplier Code of Conduct" that outlines the expectations of your inbound materials, products and the companies that provide them,
  • Sustainability/Annual Report.

Client Example (Protected for Confidentiality) 

Interested in learning about how SJMC's BIG B program can help your company? Send me an email to see if your company is the right fit -

The little b program is for companies looking for assistance and guidance, think of SJMC as a coach. This option is designed for companies who will do most of the heavy lifting in-house and/or are already certified but need some help in improving their score.

The little b program can contribute to your company's efforts in:
  • Development of internal tracking systems and the reduction of environmental impacts,
  • Producing specific policies and procedures that contribute to your company's vision,
  • Project Management service on specific sustainability elements,
  • Carbon Footprinting and offsetting service.
Interested in learning about how SJMC's little b program can help your company? Send me an email to see if your company is the right fit -

Also, follow along with us as we embark on a fully open and transparent account of our very own B Corp certification process :)

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