Scott J Morrison wants your business to be sustainable

Hi, I'm Scott.

I'm a conscious consumer, trying to limit my negative impact on the world and demonstrate to my kids how to create the kind of world you want to live in.

Over the past 17 years, I've worked with companies to learn how to integrate sustainability protocols in a way that benefits the company, environment and their employees and customers.

Presenting on behalf of GBCI Canada at the Toronto Region Conservation Authorities Partners in Project Green 

Some career highlights include:
  • TRUE Advisor, and previously the first US Zero Waste Business Council Advisor in Canada.
  • Sustainability Manager at Mainstem Malt - Team lead on sustainability issues, involved with every aspect of the supply chain, operations, marketing, and waste stream issues that relate to our product. B Corp Pending.
  • Co-Founder of Dream Zero - Rentable reusable cups and food service ware to events as an alternative to single-use disposables.
  • Member of US Green Building Council, National Zero Waste Council, GBCI Canada TRUE Certification Taskforce.
  • IRIS Metrics - Waste and Circular Economy Working Group.
  • Previous Board member and Certification Committee, currently Advisor at Zero Waste International Alliance.
  • Previous founding Executive Director of Zero Waste Canada.
I've worked with over 10 voluntary sustainability certification programs, and although I still work with some clients on meeting those requirements, I'm currently concentrating on only two programs:
B Corp Certification
TRUE Zero Waste Certification

Now, I have some questions for you!
Have you considered a sustainability certification program?
Do you have a team with the appropriate expertise to achieve certification?

Lets chat, email me at

Thanks for visiting my site,

Scott J Morrison
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