SustySuds Series

Brewing may be an age-old profession, but it now comes with futuristic risks and restraints. Tackling the environmental limits of our agricultural systems, constraints of water access and managing energy use is as much a skilled craft as creating a great beer. 

To achieve the ultimate goal of a sustainable human society on earth, the precise responsible use of resources is imperative. Essential. And luckily for the industry, and those of us who enjoy a good brew, there are plenty of examples of brewers who are delivering extraordinary products.

In the #SustySuds series, we take a glimpse into how breweries are currently performing and how they report their sustainability performance. We access their performance metrics, review their strategies, and speak with those taking a leap of faith into the realm of sustainable beer making.

The #SustySuds series of articles and interviews that allow us to dive in deeper to the strategies currently being used.

In the post Top 11 B Corp Brewers,
we take a look at all of the brewers currently certified and review some of their performance. 6 of these companies were subsequently interviewed so that SJMConsults readers could learn more of the tactics used to achieve such high performance.

Brewers, big and small, are stepping up to the world's challenges through identifying their resource requirements, finding ways to become more efficient with their use, evaluating their performance and correcting their course. It’s a process that required innovation at all levels but has resulted in a secure and diverse brewing market.

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Scott J Morrison