#LetsGetWasteless Toronto!!

A few months ago at the Ontario Zero Waste Conference in Orillia, I found myself in conversation with a few young Zero Wasters who were getting the wheels turning on a possible event to happen in October of this year. They were able to get Bea Johnson to commit to visiting Toronto for a speaking event as the result of some financial support from a Trillium grant and the Toronto Environmental Alliance. Amazing! And, they were even talking about more events centered around the idea of achieving Zero Waste in Toronto. Of course, I got involved.

Bea, if you don't know, is the "Queen of Zero Waste Lifestyle". She's the author of The Zero Waste Home and is renowned for her tactics in achieving, well, Zero Waste. On October 26th Bea is coming to the Church of the Holy Trinity in downtown Toronto. 

Bea will be sharing the stage with a number of local Zero Wasters. I reached out to Gabriella of Maizal to speak on the panel, she jumped on the opportunity and is eager to share what Maizal has been able to do to help their customers enjoy their food in a Zero Waste manner. The restaurant themselves has received much praise for their waste reduction strategies.

Bean Tamale in Ontario Grown Corn Husk from Maizal

There were 400 tickets available once upon a time, but I believe we are just about sold out. There are two ways you can get yourself a seat. One, buy a ticket. Two, Win a Ticket.

Our event committee has created a contest for you to do just that, using #LetsGetWasteless, details below.

In celebration of Waste Reduction Week and Zero Waste October, we’re launching a giveaway to WIN a pair of tickets to see Bea Johnson in Toronto on October 26. Everyone who participates in the giveaway campaign will also be entered into a draw to win a backpack from Patagonia, which was generously donated for the event.

How to Enter the #LetsGetWasteless Giveaway:
  1. Share a photo on Instagram OR Twitter showing one action you take to reduce waste.
  2. TAG a friend in your post who you would like to bring with you to see Bea Johnson of Zero Waste Home in Toronto.
  3. TAG Toronto Tool Library on Instagram @torontotoollibrary OR Twitter @TOtoollibrary
  4. Use the hashtag #LetsGetWasteless in your post.
NOTE: if you are participating on Instagram, your account has to be public for us to be able to see your post.

The winner of the giveaway will be selected at random and notified on October 24th. The winner will be contacted via their post on either Instagram or Twitter. Following the giveaway for tickets to the event, each person who participated in the #LetsGetWasteless campaign will also be entered into a draw to win a Patagonia backpack. The winner of the backpack will be selected at random and contacted on their post, either on Twitter or Instagram.