Orlando Beyond 34 - Early LEEDers Through TRUE

Big Big BIG news for the City of Orlando, "Beyond 34: Recycling and Recovery for A New Economy" has selected Orlando as the first-of-its kind multi-stakeholder pilot project aimed at increasing the current 34% recycling rate found throughout the United States by "providing a scalable model for improving recycling and recovery rates". The goal of the project is to help Orlando and it's businesses create a more sustainable future through Zero Waste strategies.

Orlando has committed to a Zero Waste goal by 2040, but we all know that businesses can do better!

Many of the buildings that are already LEED Certified operate at a higher diversion rate than most facilities do. On top of that, did you know that the GBCI (administrator of LEED) recently launched a new program?

Total Resource Use and Efficiency (TRUE) is a Zero Waste Certification Program specifically designed to accompany LEED facilities!

Find out more about how the programs complement each other here, and for a free consultation contact SJMConsults through email here.
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