ONTARIEAU - Voluntary Bottle Return and Reuse Program

As part of my efforts to find the most progressive solutions to our waste problems, I've been visiting innovators to learn how they've identified opportunities to replace waste.

Yesterday, I was honored for the opportunity to meet and speak with Thomas Plewman of Deluge Water Inc about their brand ONTARIEAU. Thomas and business partner Adam Kagan created ONTARIEAU, the only brand of sparkling natural spring water with a voluntary bottle reuse program in Canada.

Plewman explained that his restaurant clients prefer the bottle reuse program, “Owners and managers like their restaurants to have a lighter environmental impact, and this product not only meets that requirement but is also stylish and a high-quality water”.

The 670 ml bottles are delivered and then collected in these reusable crates.

The process is pretty simple, first restaurants and cafes use and then save the bottles in the provided boxes or reusable crates.

The 330 ml bottles are delivered and collected in cardboard boxes. All cardboard is then either reused or recycled.

These bottles are then collected by Plewman or his staff when full bottles are delivered. The bottles are then cleaned and refilled with new product and resold to customers. Customers are then refunded $0.25 for the 670ml and $0.15 for the 330ml bottles.

All LLDPE shrink wrap is recycled.

The program is still in its infancy but already has over 150 restaurants and cafes who regularly serve their product throughout the city of Toronto.
...And it looks pretty good too!
Check out ONTARIEAU on Instagram, and their website.