Food Waste Diversion Apps - Evaluation Process

The Application Evaluation Rubric below breaks down the categories of evaluation and provides the appropriate numeric score for the corresponding performance.

To prevent eventual landfill, these Apps foresee the impending expiry or spoilage and enable the human consumption of the product.

The Apps evaluated with this matrix have the common goal of assisting food retailers, distributors or consumers connect to users for the purpose of consuming foods that would otherwise spoil and go to waste.

Products listed on the app are either traded or sold to general consumers or app users.

Appropriate Score and Categories
Appeal, looks, graphics, sound
Enhances experience.
Good graphics. Kept engaged.
Average graphic experience.
Low quality. Distracts from App purpose.
Not effective in this category.
Engagement, motivation
Highly motivating. Keeps users on and coming back often.
Keeps users attention through experience.
Keeps users attention some of the time.
Barely Motivated.
Not effective in this category.
Performance, ease of use
Very easy to learn and maintain.
Easy to learn.
Kind of difficult to learn.
Complex. A barrier to users.
Not effective in this category.
Effectiveness in reducing food waste
User participation has reduced food waste significantly.
Users have reduced food waste.
Users have reduced food waste somewhat.
Low food waste diversion from the app.
Not effective in this category.
Effectiveness in reducing the cost of waste
Reduced associated costs significantly.
Reduced associated costs.
Reduced costs somewhat.
Low to no cost savings.
Not effective in this category, could increase costs.
Builds participants credibility
Increased participants credibility significantly.
Increased credibility.
Good public relations tool.
Gives no PR or marketing advantage.
Not effective in this category, could hurt reputations.

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