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Food Tank’s Sold-Out NYC Summit on Food Waste

When conferences are sold out it's usually because attendees expect that presenters, panelists, and org's will provide a unique and valuable experience. Yesterdays NYC Summit on Food Waste hosted by Food Tank is no exception. Not only did they sell out and were at capacity, they also streamed the whole event live with much praise and traffic (70,000 viewers?!!!). A very successful event, for a very important cause.

The Summit was a collection of those working on the forefront of food waste prevention.

As a result of that live stream, Food Tank has recorded and posted the whole proceedings on the YouTube video below.

Below are the conversations, names of participants and the times they appear on above video.

Fireside Chat (00:41:00)
Venessa Wong, Deputy Business Editor, BuzzFeed Food


Panel 1: Cultivating Creative Partnerships and Leadership (01:20:00)
Jocelyn Zuckerman, Modern Farmer

Karl Deily, Sealed Air Food Care
Jude Medeiros, Sodexo USA
Lynette Johnson, Society of St. Andrew
Pete Pearson, WWF
Amy Keister, Compass Group

Panel 2, Creating Better Opportunities to Prevent Waste & Loss (02:30:00)
Helen Hollyman, VICEMunchies.

Brian Wansink, Cornell University
Brian Roe, Ohio State University
Clare Miflin, Kiss + Cathcart
Tony Hillery, Harlem Grown
Konstantin Zvereff, BlueCart
Emily Bachman, GrowNYC

Panel 3, Financing Waste and Loss Prevention (03:26:00)
Stephanie Strom, The New York Times

Gigi Lee Chang, Food Future Co
Ron Gonen, Closed Loop Partners
Justin Kamine, Kamine Development Corporation
Tinia Pina, Re-Nuble
Alison Grantham, Blue Apron 
James Rogers, Science Director, and CEO, Apeel

Fireside Chat (05:17:30)
Diane Brady, Journalist, Bloomberg; Founder, dB Omnimedia


Panel 4: Fighting Food Waste in Cities (06:00:00)
Eillie Anzilotti, Assistant Ideas Editor, Fast Company

Elizabeth Balkan, NYC Department Of Sanitation
Monica Munn, The Rockefeller Foundation
Antonio Reynoso, District 34 Council Member, New York City Council
Christine Datz-Romero, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Lower East Side Ecology Center
Jilly Stephens, CEO, City Harvest
Mark Chambers, Director, Mayor's Office of Sustainability at NYC Office of the Mayor

Panel 5: Creating a Waste and Loss Free World (06:57:00)

Kim Severson, The New York Times

Prasanta Kalita, Professor and Associate Dean for Academic Programs, College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Carina Millstone, Feedback
Loren Cardeli, Co-Founder & President, A Growing Culture 
Kavita Shukla, Founder & CEO, FreshPaper

Fireside Chat (08:03:00)
Ruth Reichl, Food Writer, PBS, Eater, Cook



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