This Week In Zero Waste

In this segment I like to highlight some of the news, articles, videos, reports and/or books I’ve come across that deal with the sustainability challenges facing medium sized businesses.

New Platform Helps Companies 'Trase' Deforestation in Their Supply Chains
Sustainable Brands
“We see Trase as the start of a data-driven revolution in supply chain transparency ... She is researching the circular economy as a Master's student in ...

New Publication Instructs on the Importance of Rethinking Supply Chains
The Handy Shipping Guide
'A Circular Economy Handbook for Business and Supply Chains' addresses the holistic framework required to break the current cycle of design, ...

Smart materials | Circular vision
New Civil Engineer
To illustrate the principles of circular construction, a team from Arup, the Built Environment ... “This involved a lot of collaboration with the supply chain.

Carlsberg: Business-led circular economy can thrive without regulators
EXCLUSIVE: The private sector has the "agility" to push the circular ... Hoffmeyer said: “In general, innovation within business models or materials and ...

Workshop on innovation and circular economy in forestsupply chains
Central European Initiative
Explore visions for a circular economy in the mountain forest supply chain– ... Good practices: the organisers are collecting good practices in circular ...

Advance London: Helping SMEs to capitalise on circular economy
The nature of the circular economy requires collaboration throughout the supply chain and changes the way businesses interact with consumers.

A circular fashion economy is about more than clothes
The Conversation UK
Some retailers are trying to take it out of your hands, embracing the circular ... A re-evaluation of clothing design and the supply chain could help to ...

'Advance London' launches to help SMEs capitalise on the circular economy
“London is host to several circular economy leaders. The nature of the circular economy requires collaboration throughout the supply chain and ...

Global CPG supply chain transformation required to meet ESG goals
A recent report highlights that a circular economy is not merely good for ... As it stands, the typical consumer company's supply chain creates (far) ...

ABN Amro applies blockchain tech to the logistics sector
Finextra (press release)
... on three user cases: supply chain finance, inventory finance and circular economy. ... Programme manager, supply chain finance, Martijn Siebrand, say: "We are applying blockchain technology to the financial routes in logistics.

Commission official: 'Bioeconomy is a unique opportunity to address societal challenges'
Aren't strategies for bioeconomy and circular economy just two sides of the same coin? ... origin alongside biological resources and encourages waste reduction throughout the product supply chain and a product's life cycle.

Dutch bank in logistics blockchain project
NFC World
The TKI Dinalog project aims to deliver three user cases: supply chain finance, inventory finance and circular economy. “We are applying blockchain ...

3D Printed Upcycling and Recycling - No Waste, All Gain
Make it LEO
3D Printed Designs Not to Be Wasted. 7 designers offer creative solutions for reducing waste.

New 'Landfillament' lets you 3D print with trash (blog)
North Dakota materials company 3D-Fuel has introduced “Landfillament,” a new 3D printing material made from recycled waste. To create the material ...

Filabot CEO awarded 'Rising Star' and 'Best Small Business Award' for 3D printinginnovations (blog)
“In five years, we will have expanded to 3D printers fed directly from recycled plastic with no filament step in between,” a Filabot representative said.

3D printed shoes: has this designer found the perfect model for making, marketing, and selling them? (blog)
With companies like Adidas and Nike getting on board with 3D printing, it is difficult ... Another important part of the designer's concept strategy is to implement a recycling program in which used or broken 3D printed shoes could be ...