Reusable Takeout Container Series: BizeeBox

"BizeeBox understands that foodservice operators are constantly challenged to provide high-quality services at reasonable prices. Maintaining that balance is becoming increasingly difficult in the face of increasing labor costs and consumer demand for healthier and more environmentally friendly dining experiences. While finding cost reduction strategies that also improve consumer satisfaction has always been difficult, it is now more important than ever in the light of industry trends."

Their unique selling points are:

REDUCES WASTE - BizeeBox replaces the need for throwaway containers by providing a Reusable Takeout Container Program.

EASY TO USE - Users can bring their container to collection centers that are near the food vendor.

DURABLE, BPA FREE - These containers can be used hundreds of times, and are BPA free.

"Our research and experience has revealed that reusable takeout containers (RTCs) are a rare opportunity to improve cafeterias’ triple-bottom line. In other words, switching from disposable to reusable wares is good for people, profit, and the planet. But we’ve also learned that it isn’t enough to simply purchase RTCs and make them available to consumers. Building a successful RTC program requires planning, stakeholder engagement, training, education, and ongoing oversight. Learning how to do these things can take time, which is something that foodservice managers are notoriously short on."