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The State Of Resuables - Zero Waste Business Review

Spring has sprung and so have the projects at SJMC :) A Few Highlights Before We Go Into This Months Zero Waste Business Review...
I'm very proud to announce that SJMC has been chosen to provide Mainstem Malt with Sustainability Management Services. The main goal will be to develop the internal systems necessary to achieve B Corp Certification status. Mainstem brings malt users the ability to purchase locally malted grains from family farmers with a conservation ethic, which helps to relocalize of grain economies. Check them out at

SJMC has launched online sales of the Bin Calibration Form. This was recently only available to my customers but I've been able to come up with a way to keep it broad enough to accommodate most businesses needs and help them identify their true bin service requirements. Check it out if you want to right-size your bin!

A project that I've not yet talked about in the ZW Biz Review is Dream Zero, a reusable cup rental business I recent…

Conversion for Diversion: Estimating your Volume to Weight Ratios

Most warehouses and factories do not have scales available to weigh disposal bins or their contents. This poses a problem for facility managers and sustainability coordinators: in order to comply with Diversion Rate reporting standards (TRUE, LEED, B-Corp) this material must have a weight reference.

When declaring a Diversion Rate it is important to provide the methodology used to determine your volume to weight statements. It would prove to be good practice to conduct some volume to weight ratio analysis at your facility because of the variables at play. However when that is not possible, or for rough estimation purposes, indexes do exist to assist you.
For this process, I'd like to introduce two resources that stand above all others.
In 1997 the Environmental Protection Agency produced a report, “Measuring Recycling: A Guide for State and Local Governments” that detailed a number of conversion factors. This list is continually updated with its last revision being in 2016. The docu…

Zero Waste Business Review - April 2018

March was an interesting month for SJMC. The launch of the TRUE program has meant quite a few phone calls from potential clients and a lot of prep for the contracts that have already begun. I received my TRUE Advisor designation and am very excited to get these projects going! I'm in the process of releasing an Excel based workbook to help companies track their flow of materials in relation to the TRUE certification credits. In addition I started working with Magna GC on some environmental compliance strategies.

April's Zero Waste Business Review covers some recent food waste related research, packaging trends and some major partnerships in recycling tech just announced. If you have anything to be included in future ZWBRs, please reach out to me at sjmconsults (at)


Scott J Morrison


Eliminating waste is tricky business. Consumers continue to demand less of it (even produce maps to support it), businesses are faced with proving their claims for their entire…

SJMC Recieves TRUE Advisor Designation

Toronto based SJMC is proud to announce its successful completion of the TRUE Advisor certification program.

The Green Business Certification Inc (GBCI) oversees the global implementation of the TRUE program and other environmental sustainability and efficiency based certifications such as LEED and Sites. The Zero Waste certification is GBCI's facility based scorecard program where applicants must achieve a minimum of 90% diversion from Landfill and Incineration. This standard was created by the Zero Waste International Alliance (ZWIA) and US Zero Waste Business Council (USZWBC).

Scott J Morrison, a previous Board and Certification Committee member of ZWIA, brings 16 years of environmental sustainability consulting to his clients. “Waste, recycling and material management is changing rapidly. It is paramount that I can deliver smart, agile solutions to my clients. I’m confident that the addition of the TRUE Associate designation will continue to assure my clients that the highest…

Zero Waste Business Review - March 2018

It's been an active and exciting month at SJMC, highlighted by re-issuing of contracts with a major client, the recertification of principal advisor Scott J Morrison as a TRUE Advisor, and SJMC signing on as a supporter of the Plastika Reparabilis Challenge, a design competition by UpGyres.

The monthly ZW Business Review recaps and rounds up major news, case studies, and technologies that aim at eliminating business associated waste. Here we go...

Reusable packaging continues to grow in all sectors. Some recent examples include:
German grocer, ALDI SOUTH, saved more than 60 million cardboard boxes by using reusable crates for the transport of fruit and vegetables in 2017. By working with suppliers to create a closed returnable pooling system that was able to save more than 24,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalents and more than 30,000 tonnes of cardboard by using reusable transport packaging.  From the Press ReleasePlanted Table is a Zero Waste startup food delivery business in Oakland. Mea…